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Placement Blitz

Select Vocational Service’s Placement Blitz Program has been running for 9 years - with a placement rate at usually 50-90%.

We Achieve This by:

Turning Placements Into Outcomes

DEWR identified 3 attributes all high performing sites had in common:
The Placement Blitz Program puts this into practice.

1. High Levels of Engagement:

During the 13weeks of the program Select Vocational Service’s business consultants are in constant contact with jobseekers, contacting them several times per week:

2. High Levels of Referrals:

As a result of this intense focus and tailored marketing, jobseekers attend numerous interviews and employer meetings, resulting in high levels of referrals and placements.

3. High Levels of PR Lodgment:

During the Placement Blitz Program, some jobseeker’s barriers become apparent – working for cash, avoidance, drug, alcohol or psychiatric issues, training gaps, etc.
The program’s high level of ongoing engagement via phone. and email, working closely with the employment consultants, means these jobseekers get the training, referral, support or penalty required.
For the duration of the 13 week program, Select Vocational Services provides an ongoing safety net for those placed early and continues to place people should they fall out of employment.