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The Continuum Package

The building blocks of the Continuum Package are two interlinked programs, Headstart and Kickstart that have 3 key elements – targeted training, practical jobsearch activities and motivational interviewing to maximise sustainable employment outcomes.

Headtstart and Kickstart Programs

At commencement of Continuum, jobseekers are assessed and streamed into either the Headstart or Kickstart Program depending on what level of support they require, they then receive 12 weeks of targeted training onsite, online and offsite.

Theory: Targeted Training

Evidence based approach to build purpose, jobskills and strength to directly enhance the practical component of the program.

Coaching and Mentoring: Motivational Interviewing

To identify behaviours/barriers by accessing jobseekers intrinsic motivation to change, exploring solutions and providing support for jobseekers out of their comfort zone and into employment.

Practical: Intensive Jobsearch Activities

Developing skills and opportunities through employer meetings, formal interviews and worktrials creating multiple opportunities for jobseekers to put into practice what they are learning from the Theory and Mentoring components of the program.

Headstart Program

A training course for jobseekers who are able to gain and sustain employment. Headstart is a high energy, hands on, results oriented program focused on gaining employment for the jobseekers, based on the belief that the more tailored employment opportunities GTM staff can source and create the more chances the jobseeker has of securing sustainable employment. Headstart combines industry specific tasks to enhance the practical experience jobseekers gain by attending employer meetings, work trials and formal interviews. While mentoring and coaching support the jobseeker and maximises engagement, skills acquisition and resilience.

Headstart includes skills matching, intensive jobsearch techniques and sourcing tailored opportunities using every available resource to secure ongoing employment.

Creating vacancies where none exist by accessing the hidden jobmarket, maximising engagement via employer meetings give jobseekers the opportunity to create a positive first impression and gain access to decision makers while gaining feedback and employment opportunities.

Kickstart Program

For jobseekers who require extra support to become workready. Kickstart is for jobseekers who need an extra level of support, its focus is on work and wellbeing. Gaining employment is a secondary focus of the Kickstart program, it can be seen as a precursor to Headstart.

Using Back-to-Work activities to move jobseekers into planning and action, developing resilience through employer meetings and work trials the jobseekers do practical industry related activities to develop confidence, motivation, realistic employment expectations and consolidate their targeted training and ongoing mentoring.